1/ Identify the basic process steps before conduction your walkthrough/workshop


This helps your Value Stream Mapping team be familiar with the process and understand the level of detail that will be captured


2/ Identify data requirements in advance of the workshop


Leading on from point one for each step in the process agree the measure/data requirement – this will help reduce confusion and ensure continuity during the workshop


3/ Keep the map simple


Remember that there is no perfect value stream map and you should set out to capture all the sufficient information


4/ Walk the process


Before, during or after it doesn’t matter – walk your value stream to ensure that you understand the process – you will gain far more knowledge of the process if you witness the events yourself.


5/ Map the value stream as a team


Involve key stakeholders – people who understand the process and can contribute to the mapping activity – ensure you map the whole process together.


6/ Ask lots of questions


Don’t be afraid to ask! – To document the process ensure the team asks stakeholders what happens, why it happens, what are the inputs – what are the results – remember – a value stream mapping program is a data and information gathering exercise.



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