We believe that blockchain is about to change the world as we see it today. The truth is that we are already seeing many different organizations, companies, and even governments adopting this new technology, there are some blockchain project ideas that you should definitely consider in 2018.

How can you make your business better?

One of the best things about blockchain technology is that it can be applied to all industries and all companies and organizations can do it, at a higher or lower scale. So, here are the 5 best blockchain project ideas in 2018:

#1: Connected Car


You probably already heard about the huge change of having the cars connected to prevent accidents, improve the time in commuting, among other benefits. So, you also need to know that this wouldn’t be possible without blockchain technology and this makes it one of the best blockchain project ideas in 2018.

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With the implementation of the blockchain technology, car manufacturers will be able to track large amounts of data, facilitate conditional transactions, and even verify vendors. But this isn’t all. After all, you need to be safe and this is also provided by the blockchain technology since it is able to facilitate the distribution, transport, encryption, and storage of the data that needs to be maintained safely all the time when millions of cars are connected at the same time.

#2: Smart Contracts


While smart contracts are already being used by the legal services and banking industry, the truth is that there are also many other industries that can benefit from this blockchain project idea.

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Just think about manufacturing, for example. As you know, manufacturing involves a lot of processes. And one of the biggest problems is that, in most cases, problems are only discovered when the production suffers an impact. However, with the use of smart contracts, this can be prevented and the manufacturing process can be ready to have strict controls that prevent all kinds of problems.

#3: Internet of Things


Internet of Things just can’t be ignored. From homes that are more independent to cars driving alone, there is no question about how the Internet of Things has been changing the world. But it won’t stop here. The truth is that many organizations and corporations are investing a lot of money to support it. So, nothing better than using the blockchain technology to implement it.

#4: Banking


The truth is that when most people think of blockchains, they tend to associate it with the banking industry. So, it’s not much of a big surprise that the entire industry is a good blockchain project idea.

We are already seeing big financial institutions joining forces and trying to benefit from this technology. While on a first approach, banks tried to actually stop this new technology, after discovering its benefits they are the ones who are leading on its implementation.

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#5: Healthcare


When we think about the industry that needs more data to process, we have no doubts in saying that healthcare is at the top of the list. After all, from surgical results to patient admittance, there is a lot of data that needs to be maintained securely.

One of the differences in the implementation of blockchains to this industry is the fact that the data doesn’t stay immutable. After all, patients need to update their data, they may have done an exam, a surgical procedure, among others. And their data needs to be updated.

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