In case you are interested in blockchains, you probably already heard they can be used in a wide range of industries. Even though changes won’t happen overnight, the truth is that blockchain is, indeed, the future. Besides the financial system, the healthcare industry, you can also use blockchains in supply chains.


So, we decided to show you different blockchain supply chain use cases so that you can see how it is possible to use this technology to improve efficiency and decrease the overall costs.

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Here are some of the blockchain supply chain use cases you want to know about:

#1: Blockchain Supply Chain Use Case In Pharmaceuticals:


There are different uses for the blockchain in what concerns the pharmaceutical industry. It can help maintain drugs cold, for example. One of the things that you probably know is that there are some drugs that need to be maintained at the right temperature or they can easily degrade. So, when these drugs need to be transported from one warehouse to another, for example, the blockchain technology can help maintain the right temperature. You can use it to set an alarm whenever the temperature reaches a specific level and adjust it accordingly.

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But the use of blockchains in pharmaceuticals can also help prevent fraud. After all, if all drugs are monitored from the point they leave the manufacturer until they reach the final consumer, fraud will tend to come to an end.

#2: Blockchain Supply Chain Use Case In Seafood Verification:

Seafood can be very dangerous if it isn’t maintained at the right temperatures. This becomes a big problem during the summer. In fact, we can even say that blockchains are already being used in this industry. One of the best examples we can provide is the Pacific Tuna project. The main goal of this project is to eliminate human rights abuses as well as illegal fishing. The blockchain keeps track of the tuna from the moment they are captured in the Pacific ocean until they go to the market.

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#3: Blockchain Supply Chain Use Case In The Automotive Industry:


There are also different aspects that blockchains can improve in this large industry. Just think about counterfeit parts, for example. Keeping track of all the parts that are shipped can definitely prevent the penetration of counterfeit parts on the market. But this is not the only case. Think about recalls. No one likes when there is a recall for the car they just bought. Nevertheless, it is better to have a recall than for the company to do nothing about it. However, sometimes, errors are noticed a long time before the recall is issued and in the meanwhile, there can be accidents and people injured. So, blockchains can have an important role here. After all, the manufacturer can easily add the error or fault to the blockchain and activate all the necessary mechanisms to do the recall. 

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#4: Blockchain Supply Chain Use Case In Coffee:

Almost everyone loves a good cup of coffee. However, one of the things that is directly linked with coffee is that it is usually grown in developing and remote areas, and there are, in many cases, abuses of laborers. While the blockchain technology can’t help with this directly, it can help by bringing efficiency and transparency to the coffee supply chain.

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