While cryptocurrencies are very popular at the moment, the truth is that even more important that cryptocurrencies are blockchains. After all, you need to ensure that whenever you make a cryptocurrency transaction your data is secured. And this can only be done by using blockchains.

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However, one of the things that you may ignore is that blockchains aren’t exclusively used for the cryptocurrency. While this is what made the blockchain technology to be mainstream, the truth is the blockchains a lot more. So, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that more and more people are interested in implementing their own blockchains, from individuals to big corporations. So, you better make sure that you check out some blockchain tutorial java. But before we go there, it is important that you know exactly what a blockchain is.

Simply put, a blockchain is a set of different databases that are decentralized and that are all connected to a distributed and large network. Each one of these databases contains records and generates new records that are known as blocks.

As you can imagine, it is extremely important to maintain all these records or blocks safe. This is why blockchains are encrypted and most of them require that a new block needs to be validated before it is created. In addition, you also need to know that a previous block that was created can’t be changed or modified without the complete change of all the other blocks in that chain.


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One of the things that make blockchains so safe is the fact that they are decentralized which means that you can’t find them located on just one database or just on one main machine. In fact, the blockchain is spread around the world in numerous computers. So, while in case you have a smaller blockchain it will be easy to penetrate, the truth is that the probability is just too low.

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So, if you are considering implementing a blockchain on your own, you need to make sure that you read some blockchain tutorial java. While there are many free resources available online, we gathered what we believe are the three best blockchain tutorial java:

#1: From Github: 

This is one of the most complete blockchain tutorial java that you will find online. After all, it covers everything you need to know from the basic setup to keys and addresses, wallet app kits, handling events, receiving money and sending coins, among so many other things. So, you can be sure that you will have a good grasp of java and how to use this programming language to create your own blockchain.

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#2: From KeyHoleSoftware: 

In case you are simply trying to understand the ropes and get a more general overview about how to use java in blockchains, you are going to like this tutorial. While it is a lot more basic than the first one, you can get a good overall perspective about all that you need to know about creating and implementing a java blockchain.

#3: From IBM:

IBM takes a step further with this blockchain tutorial java. They created a very complete PDF where they explain you about all you need to know about the subject. In addition, they turned to Hyperledger Fabric v0.6 and they use it to give you step by step instructions on how to write a chaincode using only java language.

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