With the awareness of blockchain technology increasing and more people interested in knowing more about the subject, you may be wondering how does blockchain make money.

While this technology is still in its early stage of development, the truth is that you have multiple ways of profiting from it.

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So, here is how does blockchain make money:

#1: Through Cryptocurrency Speculation:


In case you didn’t know, the truth is that the technology that allows you to make transactions using cryptocurrencies is the blockchain technology. So, it seems that there is nothing more appropriate then to use cryptocurrencies to speculate and make some money in the short-term.

One of the reasons that had led many people looking more carefully at cryptocurrencies was the Bitcoin recent rise in price. However, you also need to understand that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that you can use either to make your transactions as well as to speculate. You can use other cryptocurrencies that include Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and others.

Simply put, when you are trying to speculate with cryptocurrencies, you will be buying and selling these currencies for a quick profit. Since the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, you can expect to have plenty of opportunities but also plenty of risks. So, it is wise that you start low to avoid a high-risk exposure.

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#2: By Building Your Own Blockchain Company Or Application:


With the increase of the awareness of the mainstream towards blockchain technology, the number of players in this industry has been increasing. So, you can also be a part of them and get your market share.

If you want an example of a successful blockchain project, just look at the Ethereum project, for example. This project is based on the blockchain technology and it includes a coin called Ether. Nevertheless, its main strength is the smart contracts that they provide. In case you’re wondering what smart contracts are, you just need to look at them as digital contracts that allow two parties to execute legal contracts using digital code.

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But you don’t need to be limited to the cryptocurrencies market only. In fact, you just need to take a look at what NASDAQ is doing. They have been looking into implementing a blockchain technology that allows a voting system for electronic shareholders. And this can also be used for government elections across all the countries in the world.

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#3: By Providing Services For Blockchain:


The reality is that there are more and more blockchain-based startups being launched every single day. So, instead of creating your own company or application, you can provide these companies with a good blockchain service. After all, the demand doe people with good blockchain skills is increasing. However, the demand isn’t limited to programmers only. The truth is that these companies also require people with other skills such as management, marketing, and financial skills. So, you can take some time and invest in a course and get a well-paid job.

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