Lean manufacturing has been increasing its popularity among different sized businesses. It aims to ensure product quality, reduce defects, boost morale, and increase profits. In sum, when you adopt the lean manufacturing methodology in your business you’re looking for perfection.


Unlike what many think, there’s no one in particular, either a person or a corporation, that dictate the lean manufacturing rules. So, this is why that, when you’re looking to get lean manufacturing certification, you have so many different courses available. So, how can you choose the best lean manufacturing certification for your business?

#1: Determine Your Management Philosophy

In order to decide about the best lean manufacturing certification, you first need to answer different questions that will allow you to do the best choice:

– You need to look inside your business and discover whether the process has inconsistencies, what kind of management to you believe would be better for your business, if you notice you’re having too much waste or not, among others.

– You need to consider on the way you want to optimize the process. You may be someone who prefers to have the process consistent across the entire organization with just small variations or you can be someone who prefers to add all the variations at once and stop the waste as quickly as you can.

#2: Decide About The Best Level Of Lean Manufacturing Certification For You

Deciding about the level of lean manufacturing certification depends on your role inside your business today as well as on your future career goals. There are 4 different levels of certification:

– Yellow Belt: There’s not too much training for this level because you’ll only need a basic knowledge about lean manufacturing. Your role would be to provide support to other certification levels.

– Green Belts: These are usually the people responsible for the data collection. Your responsibilities will usually be outside the scope of the lean manufacturing process.

– Black Belts: These are the project managers and you are the person in charge for the project that occupies you in full-time.

– Master Black Belts: These are the lean manufacturing experts of the team. When anything unexpected occurs or if there needs to be a correction, these are the people who have the answers.

#3: Get The Lean Manufacturing Certification

Now that you know which certification is the best one for you, you need to search for a training program. Every lean manufacturing certification starts with a training first. One thing to have in mind is that you’ll need to attend the training classes. So, you need to look for a training that is close to you. If you know someone who already has a lean manufacturing certification, this is the right person to talk to. Ask them about their experience and what trainings they got.

When choosing a program, you need to see if it’s accredited. There’s no point in getting a certification form an organization that isn’t accredited yet.

After you complete your training, you’ll need to take a written test as well as you’ll need to complete one or two different projects using the methodology.

If you’re wondering if lean manufacturing is a good methodology for your business, you can learn more about lean manufacturing and six sigma as well.

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