Managing a project doesn’t need to be difficult. However, when you need to manage your first project, it can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you don’t have a backup plan.

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So, today, we decided to share with you all the steps that you should take in order to manage your first project.

Step-By-Step On How To Manage Your First Project

Manage Your First Project

Step #1: Define The Scope:

The most important step of the project is this one: defining its scope. You need to define the project goal as well as what you are looking to create or accomplish. In addition, you should also define what is not on the scope of the project.

Step #2: Determine The Resources That You Have Available:

In order to manage your first project, you need to know the resources that you already have available. These may include money, equipment, and even people.

Step 3: Define The Timeline:

Define The Timeline

In this stage, it is important that you define the timeline of your first project. You need to know not only when you need to have it complete but also have a plan to overcome the difficulties that can come up while you are working on it.

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Step #4: Meet With The Team:

Meeting with the team is a very important step while you manage your first project. The truth is that even though you are the project manager, they are the ones who will put everything into action. So, establishing a good communication is crucial.

Step #5: Detail All The Work That Needs To Be Done:

In order to make sure that you are able to deliver the project at the right time, you need to carefully plan every move. The reality is that there will always be unexpected situations and problems that you will need to deal with. Nevertheless, planning all the work in a detailed way and evaluating what can go wrong in each step of the way will definitely be a great help.

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Step #6: Assign The Tasks:

As soon as you have a complete description of all the work that needs to be done in the project, it is time to meet with the team again so that you can assign the different tasks.

One of the things that you should consider is looking at the skills of each one of the team members to determine the right tasks for each. This way, you will be making the most out of each team member.

Step #7: Develop A Plan:

Develop A Plan

As soon as you have assigned the tasks, it is the right time to finally develop a plan. With this plan, you will need to use a precedence table. As you know, there are some tasks that need to be completed first to move on to the next ones. So, this plan needs to take all this into consideration as well as the time each one of the tasks will take.

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Step #8: Your Plan Should Never Be Final:

The truth is that you can work incredibly hard developing a plan (and you should make sure that you develop a detailed one). However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t change. The reality is that unexpected things happen all the time and you need to be able to adapt to the new circumstances as quickly as possible.

Step #9: Monitor Your Team’s Progress:

Monitor Your Teams Progress

When you are managing a project, it is crucial that you keep monitoring your team’ progress and to document everything. From a new requirement that is added to the project to a change, you should write all down and justify your decisions. By doing this, you will learn from your experience.

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