Kaizen events are improvement workshops usually implemented to resolve a pressing business issue. Further information on kaizen can be found on our related articles (see below or our Kaizen content mini-site)

Kaizen events can do tremendous good to a business they provide focus and a method to drive improvement – however they do require some careful preparation and adherence to certain key rules.

When running a Kaizen event – its important to get these “house rules” agreed early on so that all stakeholders know the boundaries that the event will operate within – again feel free to amend this rule set to your own requirements – individual mileage may vary on the one below! – just ensure that your house rules support your kaizen event in delivering what you set out to!

Kaizen Event – House rules

1/ A clear and concise objective
2/ Kaizen events are team-based events – Kaizen is not an individual sport!
3/ Kaizen Events are short burst of activity – don’t drag it out!
4/ Sharp and fast not slow and refined
5/ Required resources made available – get the right people to attend (people that can change and own the process) and ensure they don’t get diverted to other things during the Kaizen event (oh and leave the Blackberries/cell phones at the front desk please!)
6/ Be creative – think out of the box
7/ Aim for rapid results – critique the process – find the issues – implement the fixes
8/ Follow up! – aim for a 30 day period following the implementation of the process and follow it up – make sure it’s implemented and running as expected!

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