OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results and it is a method that helps companies to implement a strategy.

The truth is that OKR has a lot of benefits including a better alignment, an improved transparency, and an increased focus. Ultimately, when a company decides to use OKR, it needs to organize employees as well as the work in order to reach common goals.

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As we have already mentioned, OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. So, you can easily understand that OKR is the result of an Objective, which defines the goal that you want to achieve, and up to 5 Key Results, which measure the progress towards the Objective.

One of the best things about OKR is that it helps communication within the company. The truth is that when using OKR, the company is able to easily communicate the business strategy to employees in a measurable and actionable way.

OKR – The Objective

Simply put, the Objective is the goal that you want to achieve in the future. So, you need to make sure that it doesn’t only sets a clear direction but that it also adds motivation.

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OKR – The Key Result

Simply put, the Key Results is just a metric that you use to measure progress towards the Objective.

The Benefits Of OKR


As we already mentioned above, OKR brings a lot of benefits to your company. Here are the main OKR benefits:

#1: Business Impact:

The truth is that there have been a lot of studies being made about OKR and the impact they have on your business. In most of these studies that compare employees who use OKR and employees who don’t, researchers concluded that the employees who used OKR worked a lot better. These showed in terms of the effectiveness on their job positions, and also in terms of better performance and even increased sales.

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#2: Cultural Benefits:


When you have a business, you are used to look at KPIs as well as yo the output that is produced. However, when you start using OKR, you will start looking at the outcome instead of the output. After all, OKR creates alignment, transparency, and focus on all the work within your company. All these factors combined lead to an increased employee engagement.

#3: Strategic Alignment:

One of the main benefits of OKR is that it allows employees and managers to align the work they do within your company. This way, you know that everyone is moving in the same direction, towards the same goal.

#4: Focused Execution:


Focused execution is crucial within a company. After all, the focus is needed when you need to prioritize work and tasks.

#5: Engaged Employees:

Employees are an important part of any company. So, when they are engaged, you can be sure that they will achieve better results since they will be more motivated and ready to do an extra effort. Since OKR allows a better communication so that everyone knows the strategy and ultimate goal of the company, employees will feel more engaged and feel like an important part of your company.

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