Often project management is associated with construction, as the project manager oversees the construction of a multi-million pound project. But in reality, business projects are actually where the majority of project managers work. The projects they handle can be small, or extremely complex, but they are projects that require project management and without good project managers, many businesses would simply be unable to develop, grow or even stay afloat.

Reviewing Procurement System:

Because procurement is so important to businesses in terms of ensuring that supplies are of the correct quality and offered at the right price, it is essential that procurement is done correctly. A project to analyse all the procurement systems, ensure that the process is as efficient and cost effective as possible could lead to substantial savings being achieved, throughout all aspects of procurement.

This kind of project requires a project manager that is fully aware of how the business works. He or she also has to be aware of the needs of the workforce, aware that there may be resistance to change and also be willing to recommend new and potentially radical systems that will drive the company forward and ensure its sustainability.

Expansion Of Business Into Far East Markets

A project to expand a business and to reach out to new markets in the Far East, where the Chinese economy is one of the few to be growing at a substantial rate, is very much a project of the 21st Century.

Projects such as this require project management to ensure that the deliverables are achieved on time, that the customers and potential customers have a consistent point of contact and that the capacity of the business to meet the new market is robust.

This type of project requires sensitive project management that is fully up to speed with the business and the goods and services that are being offered. The project manager also has to have an understanding of the cultural and lawful implications of trading within the Far East, ensuring that all statutory requirements are met.

Acquisition Of New Software Systems

Because technology is so important to businesses, there is often a need to review how business is carried out and the software that is required. As businesses grow and develop there can be a need for new software across the board, to help the business become more efficient and to save time.

Acquiring new software systems will require a project manager to assess and review the existing software, to consult with staff about what could be provided to help them do their jobs more effectively and to research what software is available and then ascertain how much it will cost. A decision will then have to be reached about which is the best software system to use and a recommendation made to acquire a specific system. The project manager will also have to liase with management to ensure that they are in agreement with the recommended system and that they will make the funds available to secure it.

After purchasing it, the project manager will then oversee its installation, review its success and report back to senior management on the overall effectiveness of the software and how much it has been successful in terms of saving staff time and thereby reducing costs.

Although these are only three examples of business projects, it is clear that the role of a project manager is complex, with many different skills being required. Project management is about learning; each new project will be different from the previous one and each project requires the project manager to keep learning and staying ahead of their game!

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