When you have a business, time management is important not only to you as well as to your employees. Most people has a problem with organizing their time to make sure all their tasks are completed without delay. And when you’re referring to your business, you want that everyone is able to have a good time management system in place.

One of the things many business owners like you do is that they create different time management exercises. Time management exercises are a simple way to put everyone thinks about what they are doing wrong with their time and how they can evolve.

#1: A good time management exercise you can adopt is to schedule a brainstorming meeting. In this meeting, you can ask everyone to talk about their own habits at work as well as the work habits of the people who work near them. This shouldn’t be a meeting to end up in a fight. You should be able to keep a light mood and explaining that you’re all there to improve. One of the things you can do to make everyone comfortable is to talk about yourself and your own work habits.


#2: A different time management you can do is to organize a seminar or a meeting in some department. In this meeting, everyone should get 1 sheet of paper that should be divided into 24 squares. Each square represents one hour of the day.

Each person should fill in the squares with the tasks they usually perform at the specific times of the day. Let’s say that you sleep 7 hours, then you should put sleep in 7 of the 24 blocks. Everything should be included, even the time your employees spend watching TV or eating dinner.

#3: Some business owners have some difficulty in showing their employees the big picture, the main and ultimate goals of the business. However, without knowing them, your employers won’t have the best idea about how to prioritize their work tasks.

So, one time management exercise that is used a lot of times is to distribute some puzzles through your employees. They should be able to assemble the puzzle without seeing the final image.

When they’re done, you just need to ask them what would have made them be faster. You can be sure they’ll all answer having the final image.

So, you can take the chance to ask your employers what they think is the main goals of the business and let them know whether they are right or wrong.

You need to remember that the ultimate goal of the time management exercises is to make everyone be aware where they are spending their time, and if they’re spending it the right way. If they’re getting the priority tasks completed with efficiency, as well as where and why they’re losing more time than they should. If you liked this article, you can also read more business articles.

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